G8 Tax evasion funds to pay for more war

_68241799_68239621The G8 Leaders have once again taken the world for mugs. They want to ‘clamp down’ on legal tax evasion to raise more funds. What for? To help the poor? To create jobs? To stop the potential £1 billion cut in Education funding in the UK?

No. They want to send arms to Syrian rebels i.e. religious fundamentalists who want to turn Syria into an Islamist state.

I’d be interested to know if their own advisers have ever helped them personally save on taxes.

They want to take money off major companies who employ people, develop new products and are researching new technologies.

And what’s with the open neck shirts? Put a tie on! We’re trying to get kids in school to look smart and our leaders look like a bunch of out-on-the-town bankers

Gove destroying Britain’s Entrepreneurial Spirit


George Osborne has been trumpeting the beginnings of an economic recovery as if he was responsible for it! read the Daily Mail article here.

He talks about Britain’s Entrepreneurs leading the way. Not for long if Michael Gove has his way. His plans for introducing rote learning in schools and to focus on history and classics is trampling on the creativity I see in our young people every day.

I’ve never heard an employer ask that a new employee knows who Winston Churchill was or how to conjugate a latin verb. What’s the point of teaching kids to remember useless facts that they can Google if they need it? What employer needs kids who can remember useless facts and write them down at a certain time under certain conditions?

We need to enthuse kids with learning and make schools a vibrant, creative environment where they can gain confidence, learn through doing and make them a force to reckon with in the workplace of the future.

Michael Gove wants a conveyor belt of people who followed his path.What we don’t need is a tide of young people being trained to become politicians. If that’s what happens then the last person standing please turn out the lights.